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Red Robin Fundraiser on 1/19 & MHE Carnival on 2/1

Happy Tuesday and happy new year MHE PTA! 

As we storm into 2024, we are excited about the upcoming  opportunities to enjoy our school community and have fun. 

Today’s TwoFUR

➢ Our first restaurant night was a blast so we’ve scheduled  with other local restaurants through the year. The next  restaurant night will be at Red Robin at the Landing on  Friday, January 19th. Red Robin will give 20% of all food  sales that mention the fundraiser to their server back to  MHE PTA. More details are on the attached flyers which  will also be sent home this week. See you there! 

➢ The 5th grade camp fundraiser this year is an in-gym  carnival on Thursday, February 1st. Games, prizes, food  trucks and more will help support the MHE 5th Graders  for their Camp Seymour spring trip!  

o Tickets are $9 in advance or $10 cash at the door.  Buy now and secure your spot! 

o Interested in building carnival games, collecting  small prizes in advance or volunteering day-of?  

Let us know by email! 

For the kids,  

Janelle Montgomery 

2023-24 PTA President 


❖ 1/12: Smencil sales  before school! 

❖ 1/19: Red Robin  night (The Landing) 

❖ 1/26: Smencil sales  before school! 

❖ 2/01: In-gym  

carnival (tickets) 

❖ 2/09: Smencil sales  before school! 

❖ 2/13: Taco Tuesday  night at Chipotle  


❖ 2/29: Read-a-thon ❖ 3/22: School dance 

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