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Readathon & Book Fair

Happy Tuesday MHE PTA!

Read-a-thon and Bookfair are fast approaching. We’re hoping to raise $20,000 and reward the school with a special assembly!

Today’s TwoFUR:

  • After the first week of fundraising, we’ve collectively raised $1300, 6% of our all-school goal. Keep the donations rolling and make sure your students turn in their envelope (or is signed up on member planet) by Tuesday, February 27th so they are counted in the participation goals!

  • We’re hoping to see 80%+ participation and there are prizes for top classes to participate, grades and even the whole school!

  • The top 3 fundraising classes will also get a special prize for the students and their teachers!

  • We also have opportunities for parents to volunteer at the book fair, February 27-March 1. Please sign up today!

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of mid-winter break!

For the kids,

Janelle Montgomery

2023-24 PTA President


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