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MHE PTA: TwoFUR Tuesday, 4.16.24

Happy Tuesday MHE PTA!

We’re proud to have received PTA of the Year from the Renton PTA Council and hope to keep the momentum the rest of this school year and even into the next! We need your help: please look at the upcoming opportunities below and consider raising your hand. ❤

Today’s TwoFUR:

  • Upcoming PTA and school opportunities:

  • Thursday, April 25th is class photo day and the office needs 3-5 volunteers to help shuttle classes between 8:40am – 1:00pm. Reach out to Xeff to sign up.

  • Need 1 more volunteer for this Friday’s Smencils.

  • Sun’s out, time to get the car washed! Look for the flyer coming home this week for this year’s last big fundraiser: Brown Bear Car Wash coupons AT COST!

  • Need 1-2 more volunteers to help review Hazen HS (MHE alums!) scholarship applications, email.

  • We are aware of at least 50% of the current board members moving on next year, but ALL the positions are 1-year terms and always up for election. We must have a nomination committee in place by THIS THURSDAY’S board meeting. Please consider joining the committee; your responsibilities over the next two months will include answering questions (in person and via email), evaluating and recommending potential nominees. Email to learn more or sign up today!

See you at this Thursday’s PTA meeting and next Thursday’s Multicultural Night!


  • 4/18: PTA meeting

  • 4/19: Smencil sales!

  • 4/25: Multicultural night

  • 5/02: Menchies fundraiser (the Landing)

  • 5/06: PTA meeting

  • 5/17: Smencil sales!

  • 6/03: PTA meeting

  • 6/06: Field day

  • 6/14: Smencil sales!


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