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Ways to volunteer AT SCHOOL starting in December

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Happy Tuesday MHE PTA!

Congratulations on a great MOD Pizza fundraiser last week. The lines may have been long, but the food was tasty and seeing friends outside of school was a treat! In total, we raised $793.23 which will go directly toward programs and events this school year! We’d love to host more restaurant nights so if you’d like to organize one, let us know how we can help.

Today’s TwoFUR:

  • Many upcoming fun ways to volunteer at school:

    • Bring in a dish (or sign up for 30-min set up at 330pm) for teacher’s dinner this Thursday’s during late conference night: Sign Up!

    • Hand out otter pop prizes on Fridays starting in December: Sign Up!

    • Sell $1 Smencils before school every other Friday: Sign Up!

  • Just about two weeks left for our MHE Panthers to submit their entries for the Reflections Program. This year’s theme is ‘I Am Hopeful Because’ and the submission deadline is November 30. Questions or want to help behind the scenes? Email

Please forward this newsletter to friends so that everyone is aware of the awesome volunteer opportunities. Your PTA Board is only able to directly communicate with PTA members (currently 72 emails representing a 400+ student school) so we need your help to get the word out. We appreciate you!

For the kids,

Janelle Montgomery 2023-24 PTA President


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