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Jan 23 Newsletter - Carnival tickets for sale & volunteers needed!

Happy Tuesday MHE PTA! Thank you for joining another fun and successful restaurant fundraiser last week; Red Robin is sending a check for $553 which will go directly to our upcoming school and community events. New dates added at right.

Today’s TwoFUR:

  • Help is needed to make the upcoming CARNIVAL on Feb 1 (5th grade camp fundraiser) a great event! Folks do not need to be a PTA member to volunteer.

  • We are looking for parent volunteers to help run games, the prize table, cotton candy and popcorn stations. Sign up here!

  • We’re also happy to help you clear out small toys, stickers, temporary tatoos and candy which we can use for carnival prizes.

We’re so proud of our MHE student Reflections submissions this year. Seven students have received an award from the Renton PTA Council and those who received an Outstanding Interpretation or Award of Excellence are progressing to the WA State PTA round for the Reflections Program. Look for pictures of the submissions hanging in the hallway of the main school entrance as early as next week! For the kids,

Janelle Montgomery
2023-24 PTA President


  • 1/26: Smencil sales!

  • 2/01: In-gym carnival (tickets)

  • 2/08: PTA meeting

  • 2/13: Taco Tuesday night at Chipotle (Factoria)

  • 2/29: Read-a-thon

  • 3/14: PTA meeting

  • 3/22: School dance

  • 4/18: PTA meeting

  • 4/25: Multicultural night

  • 5/02: Menchies fundraiser (the Landing)

  • 5/06: PTA meeting

  • 6/03: PTA meeting


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